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Thursday, 12 November 2009 19:51

We were a Progen orientated guild with a few Terrans. We came together for friendship, assistance and to have fun playing the game. We know we were not the largest, that suited us fine - everyone knew everyone else and we were always happy to help each other.

"Why Forlorn Hope?"

Historically in the European Wars of the 16th Century onwards during city sieges the Forlorn Hope were a group of volunteers who were first into a breach of the walls. Nominally considered a suicide mission it was a way for an average foot soldier to achieve glory and most importantly a guaranteed promotion if he survived.

As of 12 November 2009 the old version of the site has been replaced with what you are seeing here, carrying much of the same content as before, though notably the nav map system is not wholly integrated and is instead living on a slightly different URL. Never fear, all the "legal" map URLs should be redirected nicely.

Speaking of the maps note these are based on the original live Westwood/EA game. In the "emulator" there are extra navs, even extra sectors, and from personal experience I can say certain "hidden" navs may not always be were they once were. :)

Some may say "what's the point?"

For me it's simple. I never like junking anything, and it's not costing me, financially at least, beyond what I would be paying for the domain and hosting (used for other things too), and I like experimenting with new software every once in a while. Besides you never know when this sort of stuff may be interesting or even useful to somone somewhere *grin*


Saved roster, 28 August 2003 (Name, Race, Profession, Level, Rank)

Itolocle - Progen - Warrior - 27 - Kamikaze (0)

Judgejoolz - Terran - Enforcer - 67 - Survivor (3)

Kanga - Terran - Tradesman - 71 - Survivor (3)

Naaman - Progen - Warrior - 145 - Siege Master (9)

Naamansbuilder - Terran - Tradesman - 37 - Kamikaze (0)

Piglet - Terran - Tradesman - 40 - Survivor (3)

Quayle - Progen - Sentinel - 49 - Kamikaze (0)

Wol - Jenquai - Explorer - 40 - Sapper (1)

Zombieman - Progen - Sentinel - 67 - Survivor (3)

(Naaman did indeed reach level 150, and at time of closure Zombieman was at level 76)

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